We play a pivotal role in the steel industry, acting as a Trade intermediary and value-adding service provider. Our end-to-end services aim at every step in the steel supply chain and comprise five core competencies: raw materials sourcing, steel trading, shipping, imports and exports consulting. Our breadth of expertise enables us to offer integrated supply chain solutions that deliver competitive advantage to the producers and purchasers of steel that we serve.

We strive to be a reliable and competitive partner in the markets in which we operate, and we aim to support our customers and suppliers at each stage of their expansion and development. Our in-depth product knowledge, market insight and mix of steel trading, logistics, consulting form a smart gateway to the steel you need.

Our customers around the world are active in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, oil, power generation, steel production and food processing. They rely upon our established global network for the supply of metals and minerals.



Steel Trading – We act as a trading intermediary between producers and purchasers and provide a range of value-adding services. The goods we trade include long and flat products.


Raw Materials Sourcing – We supply steel producers with raw materials used in the production process like Scraps, Coal/ Coke, Iron Ore/ DRI & Ferro Alloys


Shipping – Our logistics service aims to expedite transport of steel and raw materials from producer to purchaser cost effectively and safely.


Imports & Exports Consulting – We have our consulting partners on Issue of Imports and Exports Shipments Consultation or any legal issues thereon (Locally and Internationally).


Tailor Made Servicing – Our Service Center buys products in large quantities from producing mills and holds the material in inventory until it is sold to a customer.