Color Coated Sheets/Pre-painted Steels

A pre-coated metal has the highest value among all cold-rolled steel products. Produced by printing or baking paints onto the surface of cold-rolled steel or GI or alu-zinc sheets, pre-coated metal features a wide range of colors and patterns which are commonly used to make the exterior of buildings and consumer electronics products look more polished and sophisticated. Depending on the specific utility of each product, a vast variety of features are available including pollution resistance and anti-bacterial quality.

Product Type:

  • Polyester/silicon coated steel: Has excellent weather resistance; widely used as a dry material.
  • Hi-Polymer polyester coated steel: Used for deep drawing process that requires particularly high flexibility, as well as consumer electronics products including refrigerators, VCR’s, microwave ovens.
  • Weather Resistant Steel: A pre-coated steel sheet with excellent workability and weather resistance.
  • Metallic printing products: Features fine patterns and colors via gravure offset printing; used as a dry material as well as raw material for manufacturing home electronics products.
  • Laminated steel: A product coated with a film that features a vast diversity of fine colors and patterns.
  • PVDF Coated: A PVDF (specialty plastic material) coated steel sheet with ultra weather-resistance and superb anti-corrosion properties, which is SteelSol Focus Steel & proprietary product and is used as a building exterior material.
  • Emboss Steels: A high-end pre-coated steel plate treated with embossing process to give 3-D quality.
  • Green Board Coated: A pre-coated steel sheet used in the construction of bulletin boards.
  • Anti-dust Steel: A pre-coated sheet with anti-dust properties as well as anti-static and fireproof properties, which is used for clean rooms.
  • Anti-bacterial steel: A multi-functional sheet coated with a film that contains silver nanoparticles known for their anti-bacterial, sterilizing and odor-resistant properties, which is also capable of protecting against UV rays and electromagnetic radiation and ensuring electric static elimination and insulation.
  • Galvalum Coated Color Sheets: An aluminum sheet or aluminum-zinc (55% vs. 45%) sheet (Super Galvalum) coated with a film of resin that varies widely with customer specification.
  • Anti UV Coated Steel: A revolutionary pre-coated metal with unique surface finish brought out by a special coating method.
  • 3-D Coated: Coated metal with vivid 3-D patterns.

Applications: Consumer electronic product bodies (refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.), construction panels, doors, shelters, etc.

Galvanized Steel & Aluzinc

One of the most frequently used surface-treated steel sheets is galvanized steel/aluzinc which is based on cold- rolled steel plate coated with zinc/aluminium+zinc, develop good corrosion-resistant properties. Depending on the type of manufacturing process involved, the steel is divided roughly into hot-dipped process and electrolytic coating steel categories. Due to its long-term resistance to corrosion caused by sun and rain, the steel is widely used for interior and exterior materials in construction projects, as well as for automotive parts and consumer electronics products. In addition, galvanized steel is the most commonly used material to produce pre-coated metal which is one of the most favored construction materials. 

Electrolytic galvanized steel is manufactured by subjecting cold-rolled steel to the deposition of a thin, fine zinc coating by en electrolytic process to help improve corrosion resistance. Compared to hot-dipped galvanized steel, electrolytically-processed steel has better overall surface roughness, greater retention of cold-rolled steel properties and higher workability. It also excels in coating quality and corrosion resistance due to the relatively small amount of zinc deposited and the more consistent and dense rendering of coating.

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