Hot Rolled Steel

SteelSol is the leading suppliers of Hot Rolled Sheets/Plates/Coils from South East Asia. The company has product basket with various types of hot rolled products including hot rolled sheets/plates with cold rolling/ galvanizing/ low carbon/ high carbon/ structural grades/API grades/ship building grades/boiler quality grade etc. The company is committed to supply customized/tailored products in a timely manner, as well as expanding its overall product portfolio to include high value items such as automotive steel sheets to offer customers greater value.

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold-rolled steel is manufactured by a process wherein sheet metal is placed between a pair of rollers and then compressed and squeezed to produce the required thickness. The resulting steel product thus has a good surface finish and excellent mechanical properties and is widely used as a basic material for automobiles, consumer electronic products, furniture, construction materials and office supplies. After compressing and squeezing, cold-rolled steel is subjected to various processes depending on its utility, such as zinc or electric coating and color coating which applies paints on the surface of the steel. Cold-rolled steel is categorized roughly into coils (long, uncut steel) and sheets that are cut and then folded into shape in multiple layers.


  • Cold-rolled steel: Used for cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, pre-coated metal, etc.
  • Steel pipe: Used for structural steel pipes and specialty steel pipes
  • Hot-rolled mild steel: Used for channels (C-shaped cross section), general-purpose steel pipes, etc.
  • Structural steel: General-purpose and welding sheets used for steel structures, bridges, vessels and automobiles
  • Oil well tubing & pipeline steel: Used for line pipes, submarine oil field drilling and oil production and products requiring high tensile strength, cryogenic toughness, or welding
  • Checkered plate: Used for industrial purposes including construction sites and parking lots to cover the floor
  • Automotive steel sheet: Used for auto frame, wheels, etc. for its high strength, good drawing operation and welding-improving quality
  • Atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel: Combined phosphorus, copper, nickel and other additional elements to ensure greater atmospheric and corrosive resistance, often used for containers, special vehicles and construction
  • Specialty steel (carbon steel for machine structural use, alloy steel, tool steel, etc.): Manufactured via a series of processes including heat treatment; used for producing various mechanical parts.

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