Long Products

1. Steel Pipe( ERW/Spiral/Seamless)

Putting 15 years of experience and know-how to work, SteelSol is the leading steel piping Supplier . The company Supplies a vast diversity of steel pipes via electric resistance welding (ERW) and spiral pipe welding. Product types include standard steel pipes; structural pipes for construction purposes; pipes for general purposes and pressure service; oil pipelines; and oil well drill pipes/ Casing & Tubing /Seamless pipes etc. SteelSol is dedicated to offer first-tier products to customers and to that end, implements its own brand in the international market. Steelsol Supplies API (American Petroleum Institute) specification pipes, which require particularly high quality rendering, is well received by both local and international markets.

Applications Structural tubes for piping, oil pipelines, bridges, harbor facilities, steel towers and utility poles; steel pipe piles used for the foundation work of civil structures, buildings, etc.

2. Beams

Steelsol Supplies welded beams via electric resistance welding (ERW) Its product portfolio includes asymmetric flanges with varying widths and thicknesses for tops and bottoms; beams with circular eccentric web holes; t beams (truss beams); smaller, thinner H-beams. We supply Steel beams come in various sizes, shapes and materials, which cannot be matched by the competitors’ generic beams.

Applications Roofing, structures, containers, trailers, glass greenhouses, mechanical device supports, piles installed in temporary structures, etc.


3. Rebars

Thermomechanically treated rebars (TMT) involved a combination of plastic deformation of steel in austenitic stage followed by quenching and further tempering. The process controls at each critical operation ensure uniform properties in each rebar and provides the TMT rebar with a soft ferrite & pearlite fine garined core and a strong and tough tempered martensite layer imparting it with high ductility as well as strength thus making it ideal for high rises, dams, bridges, individual houses and any critical structures where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties. Our rebars are made to the latest BIS-1786: 2008 specifications are available in Fe 500 / Fe 500D/ Fe 550/ Fe 550 D/ CRS grade.


4. Billets/ Blooms

Semi-finished products from Steelsol can be delivered in a wide range of products steel also with alloy steel grades with perfect dimensional uniformity. Billets in sizes 130 mm x130 mm, 150×150 mm and 200X200 mm for rolling of structural products or rounds in diameter 140, 160, 180 and 200 mm for production of seamless pipes, all for sale.

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