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Hot Rolled Steel

SteelSol is the leading suppliers of Hot Rolled Sheets/Plates/Coils from South East Asia. The company has product basket with various types of hot rolled products including hot rolled sheets/plates with cold rolling/ galvanizing/ low carbon/ high carbon/ structural grades/API grades/ship building grades/boiler quality grade etc. The company is committed to supply customized/tailored products in a timely manner, as well as expanding its overall product portfolio to include high value items such as automotive steel sheets to offer customers greater value.


  • Cold-rolled steel: Used for cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, pre-coated metal, etc.
  • Steel pipe: Used for structural steel pipes and specialty steel pipes
  • Hot-rolled mild steel: Used for channels (C-shaped cross section), general-purpose steel pipes, etc.
  • Structural steel: General-purpose and welding sheets used for steel structures, bridges, vessels and automobiles
  • Oil well tubing & pipeline steel: Used for line pipes, submarine oil field drilling and oil production and products requiring high tensile strength, cryogenic toughness, or welding
  • Checkered plate: Used for industrial purposes including construction sites and parking lots to cover the floor
  • Automotive steel sheet: Used for auto frame, wheels, etc. for its high strength, good drawing operation and welding-improving quality
  • Atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel: Combined phosphorus, copper, nickel and other additional elements to ensure greater atmospheric and corrosive resistance, often used for containers, special vehicles and construction
  • Specialty steel (carbon steel for machine structural use, alloy steel, tool steel, etc.): Manufactured via a series of processes including heat treatment; used for producing various mechanical parts.

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold-rolled steel is manufactured by a process wherein sheet metal is placed between a pair of rollers and then compressed and squeezed to produce the required thickness. The resulting steel product thus has a good surface finish and excellent mechanical properties and is widely used as a basic material for automobiles, consumer electronic products, furniture, construction materials and office supplies. After compressing and squeezing, cold-rolled steel is subjected to various processes depending on its utility, such as zinc or electric coating and color coating which applies paints on the surface of the steel. Cold-rolled steel is categorized roughly into coils (long, uncut steel) and sheets that are cut and then folded into shape in multiple layers.

Galvanized Steel & Aluzinc/Galvalume Coils

One of the most frequently used surface-treated steel sheets is galvanized steel/aluzinc which is based on cold- rolled steel plate coated with zinc/aluminium+zinc, develop good corrosion-resistant properties. Depending on the type of manufacturing process involved, the steel is divided roughly into hot-dipped process and electrolytic coating steel categories. Due to its long-term resistance to corrosion caused by sun and rain, the steel is widely used for interior and exterior materials in construction projects, as well as for automotive parts and consumer electronics products. In addition, galvanized steel is the most commonly used material to produce pre-coated metal which is one of the most favored construction materials.

Electrolytic galvanized steel is manufactured by subjecting cold-rolled steel to the deposition of a thin, fine zinc coating by en electrolytic process to help improve corrosion resistance. Compared to hot-dipped galvanized steel, electrolytically-processed steel has better overall surface roughness, greater retention of cold-rolled steel properties and higher workability. It also excels in coating quality and corrosion resistance due to the relatively small amount of zinc deposited and the more consistent and dense rendering of coating.

Color Coated Sheets/Pre-painted Steels

A pre-coated metal has the highest value among all cold-rolled steel products. Produced by printing or baking paints onto the surface of cold-rolled steel or GI or alu-zinc sheets, pre-coated metal features a wide range of colors and patterns which are commonly used to make the exterior of buildings and consumer electronics products look more polished and sophisticated. Depending on the specific utility of each product, a vast variety of features are available including pollution resistance and anti-bacterial quality.

Product Type:

  • Polyester/silicon coated steel: Has excellent weather resistance; widely used as a dry material.
  • Hi-Polymer polyester coated steel: Used for deep drawing process that requires particularly high flexibility, as well as consumer electronics products including refrigerators, VCR’s, microwave ovens.
  • Weather Resistant Steel: A pre-coated steel sheet with excellent workability and weather resistance.
  • Metallic printing products: Features fine patterns and colors via gravure offset printing; used as a dry material as well as raw material for manufacturing home electronics products.
  • Laminated steel: A product coated with a film that features a vast diversity of fine colors and patterns.
  • PVDF Coated: A PVDF (specialty plastic material) coated steel sheet with ultra weather-resistance and superb anti-corrosion properties, which is SteelSol Focus Steel & proprietary product and is used as a building exterior material.
  • Emboss Steels: A high-end pre-coated steel plate treated with embossing process to give 3-D quality.
  • Green Board Coated: A pre-coated steel sheet used in the construction of bulletin boards.
  • Anti-dust Steel: A pre-coated sheet with anti-dust properties as well as anti-static and fireproof properties, which is used for clean rooms.
  • Anti-bacterial steel: A multi-functional sheet coated with a film that contains silver nanoparticles known for their anti-bacterial, sterilizing and odor-resistant properties, which is also capable of protecting against UV rays and electromagnetic radiation and ensuring electric static elimination and insulation.
  • Galvalum Coated Color Sheets: An aluminum sheet or aluminum-zinc (55% vs. 45%) sheet (Super Galvalum) coated with a film of resin that varies widely with customer specification.
  • Anti UV Coated Steel: A revolutionary pre-coated metal with unique surface finish brought out by a special coating method.
  • 3-D Coated: Coated metal with vivid 3-D patterns.

Applications: Consumer electronic product bodies (refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.), construction panels, doors, shelters, etc.

Tin Plate

A tin plate (TP) is a thin black plate of 0.14 - 0.6 mm in thickness that is coated in tin via electrolysis. With a good surface shine, fine corrosion resistance and workability, TP is widely used for manufacturing food and beverage containers, electronic parts, etc. We supplies a number of local and international boiler makers its tin plate (TP) and tin free steel (TFS) with vast diversity and outstanding quality. The clients utilize TP and TFS for a wide range of products including 3-piece cans, 2-piece (D&I, DRD) cans, can ends, steel EOE’s (easy open ends), toys and electronic parts. The steelmaker also manufactures ultra-thin TP (a high value product) that enables the manufacture of lighter containers.

Product Type:

  • SR (single reduced) and DR (double reduced) TP: DR TP is a thin cold-rolled steel that was reduced twice to ensure higher strength. The strength of the material, which contradicts its thinness, enables many can manufacturers to produce lighter products with cost-saving benefits.
  • Tin free steel: Also known as electrolytic chromium coated steel (ECCS), TFS has similar properties as TP, but is cheaper. Its cost-competitiveness as well as outstanding paint adherence and corrosion resistance has made it a popular alternative to TP.

Applications Beverage cans, food cans, oil cans, paint cans, aerosol cans, butane cans, bottle caps, fancy products, fiber optic cable protectors, electronic parts, industrial containers, etc.

Steel Pipe( ERW/Spiral/Seamless)

Putting 15 years of experience and know-how to work, SteelSol is the leading steel piping Supplier . The company Supplies a vast diversity of steel pipes via electric resistance welding (ERW) and spiral pipe welding. Product types include standard steel pipes; structural pipes for construction purposes; pipes for general purposes and pressure service; oil pipelines; and oil well drill pipes/ Casing & Tubing /Seamless pipes etc. SteelSol is dedicated to offer first-tier products to customers and to that end, implements its own brand in the international market. Steelsol Supplies API (American Petroleum Institute) specification pipes, which require particularly high quality rendering, is well received by both local and international markets.

Applications Structural tubes for piping, oil pipelines, bridges, harbor facilities, steel towers and utility poles; steel pipe piles used for the foundation work of civil structures, buildings, etc.


Steelsol Supplies welded beams via electric resistance welding (ERW) Its product portfolio includes asymmetric flanges with varying widths and thicknesses for tops and bottoms; beams with circular eccentric web holes; t beams (truss beams); smaller, thinner H-beams. We supply Steel beams come in various sizes, shapes and materials, which cannot be matched by the competitors' generic beams.

Applications Roofing, structures, containers, trailers, glass greenhouses, mechanical device supports, piles installed in temporary structures, etc.

Wire Rods

We supply fine quality of wire rods come with a promise of high quality and dimensional precision. The latest technology that comes with latest mill assures high degree of thermo mechanical properties along with unparalleled dimensional accuracy, providing consistency of mechanical properties within a coil and from coil to coil. Wire Rods, therefore, are the material of choice among wire drawers across the country.


Thermomechanically treated rebars (TMT) involved a combination of plastic deformation of steel in austenitic stage followed by quenching and further tempering. The process controls at each critical operation ensure uniform properties in each rebar and provides the TMT rebar with a soft ferrite & pearlite fine garined core and a strong and tough tempered martensite layer imparting it with high ductility as well as strength thus making it ideal for high rises, dams, bridges, individual houses and any critical structures where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties. Our rebars are made to the latest BIS-1786: 2008 specifications are available in Fe 500 / Fe 500D/ Fe 550/ Fe 550 D/ CRS grade.

Billets/ Blooms

Semi-finished products from Steelsol can be delivered in a wide range of products steel also with alloy steel grades with perfect dimensional uniformity. Billets in sizes 130 mm x130 mm, 150x150 mm and 200X200 mm for rolling of structural products or rounds in diameter 140, 160, 180 and 200 mm for production of seamless pipes, all for sale.

Iron Ore

We are renowned as one of the preeminent Suppliers of Iron Ore Fines. The Iron Ore Fines, offered by us, are widely supplied to various industrial sectors due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Iron Ore Fines that meet the international standards.

Grades: 63, 62.5, 60, 58, 57 and below


We are listed as the major Coal Suppliers. To benefit the clients,with the availability of the hi-grade Coal, we source from MCL, Orissa. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Coal in varied grades and types meeting the specific requirements of the applications.


  • Peat
  • Lignite
  • Sub-Bituminous
  • Bituminous
  • Steam
  • Anthracite

Zinc(High Grade/ Special High Grade/PWG)

Steelsol is leading player in Supply of Zinc(Upto Special High Grade Zinc (Min. Purity 99.995%) as per specs BS EN 1179: 2003.We are regular Supplier of Zinc to many Galvanizers in regular basis.

DRI/HBI/Sponge Iron

Company has capacity to sources the DRI/ Sponge Iron from the best supply source with long terms supply records. We aim to provide best with regular supply possibility.

Ferro Alloys

Ferro alloys stands out as one of the most imperative requirements needed for the manufacturing of stainless and special steel. At Steelsol we source high-grade chrome ore, Silico manganese, is sourced from the captive chrome ore mines. We have experience team of professional who are long experience enough in this field only.

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