Tailor Made Steel Servicing

Our Steel Service Center buys steel products in large quantities from producing mills and holds the material in inventory until it is sold to a customer.

When a service center sells steel, it will perform any processing the customer requests, load the steel, and deliver it to the user. Service Centers usually offer varying degrees of material "pre-processing”. Pre-processing involves basic cutting services such as slitting, leveling, shearing, and blanking to cut material to a size that is either immediately usable by the customer, or greatly reduces the customer's time to make the steel usable.

The existence of Steel Service Centers allows the steel user to have huge inventories readily available while only paying for the steel they need, when they need it. This reduces or eliminates the need for end users to tie up capital in inventory, pre-processing equipment, processing personnel and delivery vehicles.

Service Centers handle millions of items each year and are the domestic steel industry's largest customer group. They serve as industry's working reservoir of materials and services. Approximately 50% Companies buy a large portion of their metal requirements from service centers. In fact, every single metal user in the country deals with service centers at one time or another.

The type, quantity, and sophistication of pre-processing services offered our customer for particular Service Center are determined by the Service Center's product and customer mix. But about seventy percent of the metal passing through Service Centers undergoes some form of pre-production processing.

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