Tin Plates

Tin Plate

A tin plate (TP) is a thin black plate of 0.14 – 0.6 mm in thickness that is coated in tin via electrolysis. With a good surface shine, fine corrosion resistance and workability, TP is widely used for manufacturing food and beverage containers, electronic parts, etc. We supplies a number of local and international boiler makers its tin plate (TP) and tin free steel (TFS) with vast diversity and outstanding quality. The clients utilize TP and TFS for a wide range of products including 3-piece cans, 2-piece (D&I, DRD) cans, can ends, steel EOE’s (easy open ends), toys and electronic parts. The steelmaker also manufactures ultra-thin TP (a high value product) that enables the manufacture of lighter containers.

Product Type:

  • SR (single reduced) and DR (double reduced) TP: DR TP is a thin cold-rolled steel that was reduced twice to ensure higher strength. The strength of the material, which contradicts its thinness, enables many can manufacturers to produce lighter products with cost-saving benefits.
  • Tin free steel: Also known as electrolytic chromium coated steel (ECCS), TFS has similar properties as TP, but is cheaper. Its cost-competitiveness as well as outstanding paint adherence and corrosion resistance has made it a popular alternative to TP.

Applications Beverage cans, food cans, oil cans, paint cans, aerosol cans, butane cans, bottle caps, fancy products, fiber optic cable protectors, electronic parts, industrial containers, etc.

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